Formable Automations

Computers can do so much more than just store and organise our ideas – they can help us execute tasks. With Formable, you can use predefined automations or build your own to make sure any repetitive tasks are done automatically.

Formable lets you build your own software solutions, which are, just like more specific ones, made up of a UI (Views), a data store (Formable Data), and code manipulating data and communicating with external services (Formable Compute).

#Formable Compute:
Automate simple tasks or lay out complex business workflows.

In Formable, whenever the computer computes something, that’s an action.
As a user, you can define custom actions or use predefined ones. For example, you could

  • Automatically (re-)schedule tasks in your calendar
  • Send yourself a notification email when someone assigns you a todo item

Actions might run when you click around the app, or when things happen while you’re not necessarily actively using the app.

They could be fired

  • by views, e.g. when clicking a button
  • when a collaborator creates a new relation to your data
  • on a certain schedule
  • through the API

Actions can manipulate your data, and call external services and even other actions.
So they are composed of a trigger, conditions, and calling other actions and manipulating data, like creating a new block.

They can await delays and additional conditions over time. That allows human inputs by your team in between parts of your workflows.

What does an automation look like?
You can build them through the automation UI, similar to hundreds of other vendors building workflow automation software.

No code – low code
Whatever you build with the UI is just code, so jump into that and write your automations instead of using the graphical user interface.
Even predefined automations can be adapted to your needs.

Some more areas of examples:

  • sales / marketing / CRM automations
  • HR: onboarding / hiring processes
  • extended app functionality, like notifications
  • API: integrate with your own app

And of course the crazy ones you’ll come up with.