Turn chaos into clarity

Formable’s Vision

Turn chaos into clarity.
Add structure to your thoughts.
All the tools you need, in one space.
It’s time to ditch the limitations of the file cabinet.

The concepts behind Formable

Clear Mind, Organised You

  1. Clear Your Mind: Write down your thoughts in Formable. Declutter your mind and make space for what matters.
  2. Create Your System: Formable helps you build a reliable system. Shape your world, interlink thoughts, and find clarity in complexity. Watch your scattered inspirations take shape within an interconnected web of understanding.


Capture your thoughts and reflections in Formable’s dynamic interface.
Create a digital journal that evolves as you do, with the power to explore connections between your past and present.

Nested list


Write about your encounters, thoughts, and milestones. With Formable, you can effortlessly categorise entries related to people, projects, or any topic. Mention someone in your journal, and then easily access a dedicated collection of thoughts specifically about them.

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Folders Network

Connect your thoughts, ideas, and concepts naturally, allowing you to organically structure information.
Unlike rigid folder structures, Formable’s network empowers you to capture and categorise data without the limitations of predefined categories.

So how exactly does it work? More about the app