Turn chaos into clarity

Simplicity <> Complexity

Don’t compromise. Customize!
Formable is as simple as a basic text editor. It’ll fit with any imaginable workflow – just add the tools you need and customize them as you grow, with no code.

Formable UI

Arrange your thoughts the way you think.
View your data in a text editor, or as an outline, timeline, calendar, card, network, spreadsheet, …
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Formable Automations

Computers can do so much more than just store and organize our ideas – they can help us execute tasks. With Formable, you can use predefined automations or build your own to make sure any repetitive tasks are done automatically.
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Formable Data

Store information the same way you think about it: as a network.
Formable lets you share any subset of data with your team members in one clean, single workspace.
It’s time to ditch the limitations of the file cabinet.
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Portrait of Emil

Hey! It’s me, Emil

I’m working hard on getting this project up and running, and on a more concrete home page.
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