Tools able to be formed

Simplicity <> Complexity

Don’t compromise. Customise!
Formable is as simple as a basic text editor. It’ll fit with any imaginable workflow – just add the tools you need and customise them as you grow, with no code.

Formable UI

Arrange your thoughts the way you think.
View your data in a text editor, or as an outline, timeline, calendar, card, network, spreadsheet, …
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Formable Automations

Computers can do so much more than just store and organise our ideas – they can help us execute tasks. With Formable, you can use predefined automations or build your own to make sure any repetitive tasks are done automatically.
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Formable Data

Store information the same way you think about it: as a network.
Formable lets you share any subset of data with your team members in one clean, single workspace.
It’s time to ditch the limitations of the file cabinet.
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Portrait of Emil

Hey! It’s me, Emil

Hi! I’m Emil. I’m building Formable because I believe that the way we work is broken. We’re drowning in information, and we’re not getting any better at organising it.

I’m building Formable to help people like you and me get more done, with less stress. I’m building it to help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

My journey started in 2015, when I had the idea of building a tool to organise information about my personal relationships. I then realised that what I was building was a tool to help me organise all my thoughts, so I turned it into a general purpose app. Formable tools.

I’ve been thinking about how computers and software shape the way we work and the way we think for a long time. There are a lot of broken things about the software out there.
The complexity of the tasks computers help us with is ever growing. When new problems come up, a new piece of software is developed. That ends up in hundreds of apps, open tabs, and most importantly, it’s still our brains that have to hold all this information together. You use one app for writing, one (or dozens) for communication, and so on. Dozens of new apps pop of every single day. To no surprise are computers a huge distraction for many. The problem with most software is that it solves problems on a specific domain. The user is merely a consumer of software. Modern apps aren’t built to integrate well with each other. We use emails, copy/paste and a lot of manual labor to have our information represented in the right tools.

That’s where Formable comes in. All the tools you need, in one space.